• Noopept 50 Tabl. [10mg/tab]

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4-Week Course is 100 pills x 10mg 

Noopept ® is one of many unique peptide nootropics that have been extensively studied in Russia, though until recently they were largely unknown in Western countries. From 1985 until 2006 there have been 76 studies published that focused on different applications of Noopept ® for treating various conditions in humans. In 2006, Noopept ® successfully finished the third phase of clinical trials and was approved as an OTC pharmaceutical.  Since then, it is produced in one of the Pharmstandard factories and is available in all Russian pharmacies.

Its effect is physiological to the human body, as it is based on the formation of active compound cyclopropyl glycine, which is naturally occurring in the brain. Noopept increases alpha/beta1 activity, with 30-min. latency and 40-min. duration in all brain areas. Unlike many other pharmaceuticals, Noopept ® can be officially used both for healthy individuals, who want to optimise their mental performance, and for those who have the following symptoms:

  • Impaired memory formation
  • ADHD
  • Emotionally labile disorders
  • Various brain injures
  • Asthenic disorders (lack of energy)
  • Other conditions characterised by reduced intellectual productivity

One pack of Noopept ® contains 50 pills, each with 10 mg of the active ingredient, which is sufficient for approximately 20 days of administration.

Country of Manufacture: Russia

Legal Disclaimer

This product has not been approved by the US FDA. All statements on this page are for informational purposes only and have not been evaluated by the US FDA.

Noopept Background – Noopept is a synthetic racetam molecules structurally similar to both Piracetam (seen as the basic racetam structure) as well as similarly structured to an endogenous dipeptide in the brain known as cycloprolylglycine (the amino acids proline and glycine in a cyclical configuration). Noopept itself appears to have bioactivity as does its metabolism into cycloprolylglycine (with Noopept sometimes being seen as a cycloprolylglycine pro-drug) and the overall spectrum of effects in animals and the one currently accessible study in humans suggesting very similar effects to that of Piracetam except occurring at a slightly higher potency and at a lower oral dose. Positive Effects – It holds much promise for patients with Alzheimer’s disease. When looking at the benefits, which require more human data, there is a general neuroprotective effect that appears to occur in all tested states of cognitive ailment (excitotoxicity, ischemia, oxidative stress, toxin stress, anticholinergics, physical trauma, etc.) but there is no evidence to support a cognitive enhancing effect of Noopept in otherwise healthy humans or animals. There is theoretically a cognitive enhancing effect (as it is noted, somewhat, with Piracetam although low in magnitude) and has mechanisms that should result in enhanced cognition in otherwise healthy persons (neurotropic factor enhancement) but this is yet to be explored. Side Effects – The one human study using Noopept (10mg taken twice a day) suggests that it is well tolerated for up to 56 days. Dosage – The recommended oral intake is between 10 and 30mg, which is from the manufacturer of Noopept for the purposes of treating cerebrovascular and posttraumatic cognitive deficiency. Optimum human dose for cognitive enhancement is not currently known. Misc. – Relative to Piracetam, Noopept is known to be taken at a much smaller oral dose (10-30mg daily, relative to Piracetam at 4800mg) and is claimed to have a subtle psychostimulatory effect. Conclusion – Further studies are needed to investigate its potential in cognitive enhancement

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Noopept 50 Tabl. [10mg/tab]

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