Paper Steroids

These are U.S. Customs’ worst nightmare: Oral anabolic steroids that are sold in sheets of paper instead of the standard dosage units (pills and capsules) used for these drugs. I believe the idea originated from Dan Duchaine, and it is both simple and ingenious.The main point of interest is that these sheets of paper are easily mailed in regular envelopes, so as to attract little attention from the federal agents that screen international mail shipments. Let’s face it; Customs lacks the capacity to open most of the packages that are sent to this country from around the world. They are totally lost when it comes to being able to effectively deal with regular letters that contain steroids in sheets of paper.

The manufacturing process works like this. A steroid compound is mixed with alcohol, which is an excellent solvent for steroid hormones.The dissolved solution is placed in a flat tray, and a sheet of blotter paper is placed on it to absorb the liquid. We now have a sheet of blotter paper that is soaked in alcohol and steroid. Now if you leave it out to sit, the alcohol will evaporate pretty quickly, leaving the steroid behind in the process. The hormone is going to be left distributed throughout the blotter sheet, which is now officially serving as the drug carrier.The blotter sheet is usually made so that it is divided into a grid (typically 50 or 100 squares), with each edible square carrying a measured dose of steroid.This idea is actually used, routinely, in a laboratory setting, where you don’t always have access to finished tablets or capsules. It is simply being exploited here for a very different purpose. Lab tests on PaperVar confirm the product contains active oxandrolone, however they do note some inconsistencies in dosing from one square to the next.This is likely due to some inherent imperfections in the processes it is probably much harder to control for error or outside interference than when making tablets or capsules.


Currently PaperRoids are available in the following forms:

PaperVar oxandrolone

PaperBol methandrostenolone

PaperStrol stanozolol

PaperDrol oxymetholone

PaperTurin chlorodehydromethyltestosterone

PaperMest mesterolone

PaperPrimo methenolone acetate

Feedback on the paper products, at least those from the main manufacturer that I have been in contact with, has been nothing short of remarkable. People are raving about these steroids, probably because they work as expected, and are so easy to get in the mail.This means a lot less anxiety for many customers, who would normally spend days worrying that their latest steroid order might get snagged in Customs (and their ass arrested for the attempt). Running down a current price sheet, we find that these products are also fairly affordable.The Dianabol and Winstrol version tend to run from about $.50 to $1.00 per dose, while the Anavar and Anadrol run about $2-$3 each. You’ll pay about the same price for commercial versions of these steroids anyway, not to mention the added value in being able to avoid another lost shipment.

The current major manufacturer of these products is reporting an extremely high success rate in their mailings. According to them, 95% of the paper products sent from Thailand are making it to customers, while every item sent from the U.K. so far has arrived without a single seizure by customs. Other underground companies have started to follow suit by manufacturing their own paper products, probably owing to the fact that the design is so easy to copy, and the technology is currently in high demand. One manufacturer has even started making something they call a Flexi-Tab, which is more rigid, and less devious in appearance. I was able to see a sample of this recently, and was quite impressed. I expect to see a lot more of the standard blotter sheet “PaperRoids’; as well as the new”Flexi-Tabs”in the future.


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