Ladasten (Bromantane)


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Ladasten helps you be alert, focused and energized yet calm and tranquil.

  • Reduce Fatigue / Boost Energy
  • Increase Physical Stamina
  • Relieve Anxiety / Improve Sleep
  • Elevates & Stabilizes Mood
  • Boost Memory, Focus & Concentration
  • Non-Toxic & Non Habit Forming

The World First Heard Of Ladasten (Bromantan/Bromantane) During The 1996 Olympics When Several Russian Medalists Were Disqualified Because Ladasten Had Given Them An Unfair Advantage.

While Very Effective, Ladasten Is Safe, Legal, Non-Toxic And Non-Habit Forming.

In Addition To Enhanced Physical Performance, Ladasten Boosts Mental Performance With The Added Benefit Of Reducing Anxiety And Elevating Mood.

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