Counterfeit Steroids

Counterfeit Steroids

Counterfeit steroids are products that are made by illegal underground operations, which resemble the packaging of legitimate steroid products.They are made specifically for sale to bodybuilders on the black market. Obviously we cannot verify the contents of these products, as real drug companies do not make them. Sometimes the counterfeit producers use real steroids in their preparations, but most often they do not. One must be aware that money should be a secondary concern when coping with the existence of counterfeit pharmaceuticals.Today we take for granted that the drug products we purchase are manufactured in a sterile environment, with filtered air that is free of contaminants.The illicit producers do not provide us this safety. Money is the issue to them, not safety. Injectables are especially of concern, as this method of delivery bypasses most of your natural defenses. Bacteria or toxins could prove very harmful if injected into your body. It is not uncommon to hear of stories in which an athlete had become very ill from using a counterfeit product. One must stay educated to protect not only money but also health.

Counterfeit steroids remain a significant problem on the black market. When you have a product in high demand and with limited availability, the market will usually fight to exist and meet demand. If need be and possible, this will include counterfeiting legitimate products. With steroids, this is a major problem because fakes are easily made, and the validity of each product difficult to ascertain without using it for a period of time. I would, however, like to report that things have been changing over the years in my observation, in terms of the magnitude of this problem. I think fake steroids became most problematic after two important events in the history of these compounds. The first was the removal of Dianabol in the late 1980s.This was an extremely popular product, and taking it off the market led many to scramble to cash in on the demand by bottling fake Dianabol. From this point forward the term “counterfeit steroid”became woven into the fabric of the black market. I think the true counterfeit explosion occurred in the early’90s, specifically right after these drugs became controlled substances in early 1991. Before this, domestic anabolics were easily diverted toward illicit avenues. I remember seeing a ton of legitimate American pharmaceuticals in 1990 and 1991. Steris suspension, cyp, Deca, it was everywhere. But a year or two later, these had all but dried up and were replaced with loads of copies. Steris clones were everywhere, while the real thing was becoming almost impossible to obtain.

I think the mid to late 1990s was a transition time for the black market. Our domestic avenues for steroids were cut off, and it would take some time to solidify new sources for these drugs. This period of time was a perfect breeding ground for counterfeiters. If the drugs couldn’t be located easily, many simply just made passable copies. Sure, as with any industry most people did business honestly and worked hard to find, even import legitimate products. But there is always a bad segment out there, and at that point in time they seemed to actually thrive on the manufacture of counterfeit goods. But we are in a new time now.The black market no longer needs to carry counterfeit products in order to meet an otherwise impossible demand. New, reliable avenues for these drugs have opened up. Most notably, our neighbor to the south, Mexico, has emerged as a world leader in legitimate steroid manufacture and sales. As a result, the U.S. black market is now bursting with Mexican products. I think the actual percentage of fakes on the market is much smaller today than 10 years ago, and your odds of buying a legitimate product are very good. Do not misconstrue these statements into thinking that fakes have gone away. Far from it, they are still a very big problem today, as they probably always will be.

If you do not obtain steroids via a doctor or North American pharmacy, it is my hope this book will provide you with the skills you need to make intelligent purchases. The current situation is not that grim. Counterfeit marketers thrive on ignorance. Most people make purchases with little or no research beforehand, and that is what the counterfeiters are relying on. You will quickly realize that a little bit of research will go a long way when shopping for anabolics, as an educated consumer is much harder to swindle.

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