• Stanozolol  STANOZOLOL 100 Tabs [10mg/Tab]

Rexobol Stanozolol  STANOZOLOL 50 Tabs [10mg/Tab]

Administration Oral

Alternative Names
Androstanazole, Methylstanazole
Proprietary Names
Stromba (5mg), Winstrol (2mg).
The Lowdown

Stanozolol, when given for prolonged periods, has been associated with elevated liver function results due to the fact that it is a C-17 alpha-alkylated compound.
Street Info

Stanozolol tablets have a reputation for causing gastrointestinal discomfort after prolonged use. Both the tablets and injection form are not considered to aromatise. Tablets are often taken in divided doses to reduce the gastric irritation. This practice is popular with female users, as it reduces the risks of virilisation which is associated with large amounts of androgens in the female system

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Stanozolol STANOZOLOL 100 Tabs [10mg/Tab]

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