This is not an anabolic steroid nor is it even an anabolic chemical except as a food. These were reported popular injectable products that contain a sterile (bacteria free and pure) medium chain triglyceride (MCT), an acid, and usually Procain or lidocaine (all of which have been made inert). The oil was injected deep into a muscle to add size. Usually this was done to smaller muscle groups such as biceps, triceps, delts, calves, and smaller round back muscles. Most pro’s who were using the stuff said that they had inject 2-3 cc’s, 2-4 times per week directly into each target muscle for 2-4 weeks. They then followed this build-up with 3cc once a week for 15-25 weeks, which they had claimed made the gain in size permanent. On the noted plus side, this would stretch muscle fascia so that there is more room for muscle growth naturally. It had often been said that the results are a somewhat encapsulated oil pockets. But the size effects were admittedly dramatic. There were competing bodybuilders who admitted to over 100 weekly injection sites. Sad. Fascia (the tissue that encases muscles) advantage aside, this could be a bad idea. The argument is that since MCT is a food product made from fatty acids and glycerol it could not hurt them. Well, many things good to eat could hurt you very bad if injected into the body! To be honest I have heard of no negative side effects as of yet except for the obvious loss of striations in delts and triceps, or when a vein was accidentally localized. I was of two minds on Synthol use until a year ago. *Read “site injections ” later.

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