• OXANDROLON 100 Tab [10mg/Tab]

OXANDROLON 100 Tab [10mg/Tab]

Proprietary Names
Anavar (2.5mg), Lipidex (2.5mg), Lonavar (2mg), Oxandrin (2.5mg), Vasorome (2.5mg).

Oxandrolone is C-17 alpha-alkylated so there is the potential for liver damage.

Oxandrolone has relatively low androgenic properties, with little aromatisation in males. It has a reputation for increasing strength but not size. It is popular with women because of its low incidence of side effects due to virilisation, however some cases of facial hair growth and deepening of the voice have been reported following prolonged dosages. Gastrointestinal irritation, including pain and diarrhoea are commonly reported side effects in both male and female users.

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OXANDROLON 100 Tab [10mg/Tab]

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