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  • Androxine  Trenbolone  10 ampoules of 1ml (50mg/1ml)

Trenbolone enanthate

Androgenic 500
Anabolic 500
Standard nandrolone acetate
Chemical Names 17beta-Hydroxyestra-4,9,11-trien-3-one
Estrogenic Activity none
Progestational Activity low to moderate

Trenbolone enanthate is the most recent form of trenbolone to be developed, appearing on the market in mid-2004. This agent is essentially a new form of Parabolan, which uses the ubiquitous enanthate ester instead of the hexahydrobenzylcarbonate of the "old" product. Trenbolone enanthate is both unique and incredibly obvious at the same time. On the one hand, attaching an enanthate ester to trenbolone seems like a simple idea at best. After all, we are all familiar with testosterone and methenolone enanthate. But on the other hand, trenbolone enanthate had not been made commercially until now. With the loss of Parabolan, and only recent reemergence of a legitimate clone, the market was left with trenbolone acetate as its only readily available form of "tren"This ester of trenbolone is effective, but also very fast acting. Trenbolone enanthate is a much slower releasing drug, and offers a great alternative to the frequent injections of trenbolone acetate.

The pharmacokinetics of trenbolone enanthate should mirror those of testosterone enanthate, with peak hormone levels maintaining itself for approximately two weeks after each injection. Its action would be difficult to differentiate from Parabolan, as both of these agents use medium to long acting injectable steroid esters capable of releasing trenbolone from the site of injection for periods well in excess of the weekly intervals in which they are normally administered. The differences between the various esters of a particular steroid are going to be most noticeable in clinical medicine, where the relative speed of release controls the injection schedule of the patient. However, with athletic use high doses and regular injection schedules blur the different release patterns.Therefore, we really cannot attribute any special characteristics to this steroid, aside from saying that it is an excellent and well- conceived replacement for Parabolan.

The base steroid trenbolone is well understood at this point, and holds no real surprises. As a non-aromatizable compound, estrogenic side effects are not expected to be a problem.This drug, however, is a nandrolone derivative, so it may exhibit some weak progestational activity. This means that while trenbolone alone should not cause side effects like water retention or gynecomastia, it may intensify the estrogenic traits of other steroids. Anti- estrogens are usually kept close at hand when trenbolone is taken with other aromatizable compounds. In regards to its androgenicity, trenbolone does not seem to fit well in with the nandrolone family of compounds.This steroid isn't metabolized into a weaker compound by 5-alpha reductase like most nandrolones are, which makes it quite androgenic.lt is, therefore, very likely to produce such side effects as oily skin, acne,and aggravated hair loss (for those genetically prone).

We can expect to see new doors open with trenbolone enanthate, mainly those surrounding drug dosage. The poor oil solubility of trenbolone acetate limits the amount of steroid you can comfortably dissolve into solution around 75-100 milligrams per milliliter. And while the ester in Parabolan is much more oil soluble, most clones mimic the 50mg/mL dosage of the original French preparation. Therefore, we have yet to see high-dose forms of trenbolone on the drug market.Trenbolone enanthate will change this. We will likely see a number of trenbolone enanthate preparations released on the Mexican veterinary market over the next couple of years,

formulated in a dosage range of 150-200mg/mL. Not only will such concentrations allow the adventurous athlete to experiment with high doses more easily, they will also give the average recreational user, who consumes only 2 or 3 different products during the average cycle, much more trenbolone per bottle/cycle.

The results from a cycle of trenbolone enanthate should include considerable increases in mass and strength, with great emphasis on muscle quality. This is often combined with notable fat loss, the desirable lean-gain and cut combination that has made Parabolan so talked about for all these years. Despite the potential for high doses with the new trenbolone enanthate compound, it may not actually be necessary. This is a steroid that is understood to work well on comparatively low doses. The average male bodybuilder will find that 150-250mg per week will provide a very strong effect, such that higher doses are probably not necessary in the average stack, This means that a 10mL vial with 200mg/mL of steroid could last for a full 10 weeks or longer. It should be no surprise to most readers to see such a low recommended dosage range. You will remember that Parabolan garnered a worldwide cult following while providing only 76mg/mL of steroid per 1.5mL ampule (50mg/mL). Women should not be advised to experiment with the series of trenbolones. These agents are significantly androgenic, and present too great a risk for permanent virilizing side effects.

The first legit trenbolone enanthate preparation we know of is from British Dragon. The product is called Trenabol 200, and it contains (of course) 200mg/mL of steroid.The vial itself holds 10mL of drug, making this product remarkable for both its high steroid concentration and total content (most 10mL vials of trenbolone acetate hold only 750mg of steroid). Note that legitimate vials should carry a label with a foil inlay, which should be red or blue in color. Furthermore, BD protects their line of injectables with custom tops bearing the product name directly in the foil, and with custom rubber stoppers that have a small dragon in the center.

All other forms of pure trenbolone enanthate currently available on the black market are made by underground manufacturers. They are unverifiable for quality, as is the nature of "underground medicine" (although feedback on at least one product has been consistently very positive thus far). More legit companies are sure to follow the lead of British Dragon, once word of this new product gets out. Once the popular companies all start adding this steroid to their lines en masse, availability will be great, as will the chance for this compound dominating the trenbolone market in the very near future.


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Androxine Trenbolone 10 ampoules of 1ml (50mg/1ml)

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